Back to School Dental Tips From Bangor Dental Care.

That time already! From Primary to University its that time of the year again and it comes with many challenges as far as dental health can be concerned. If your student has already had a ‘back to school’ check up then great, if not then there is still time to book one in! There can be many changes that can affect great habits that have built up to maintain great Dental Health. Whether your new student eats school or cafetiria meals or you’re a student yourself and struggle to find the time to brush your teeth, the school year can lead to problems with your oral health. These simple back to school dental tips can help you stay nice and healthy.

Set a specific time to brush your teeth and be flexible 🙂

If you have a fixed schedule or timetable like most students, you should know ahead of time when you will and won’t be home or rather near your toothbrush! Figure out exactly when you plan to brush your teeth each day and when that might be practical. Even if you can only do it at lunchtime and before you go to bed, that’s much better than not brushing at all and try to make sure not brushing isn’t an option. Incorporate brushing habits into your routine by, for example, brushing your teeth as part of preparing to leave for school each day or even consider taking your tooth brush with you or even a spare one so you can manage to brush your teeth after meals.

dental tips for back to school

Back To School Dental Tips

Don’t forget to floss your teeth, floss is boss!

Some people simply neglect to floss their teeth because they focus on brushing and it becomes brushing and not flossing as a routine. Flossing can take practice, but it is a very important part of your commitment if you want to maintain your oral health. If you haven’t flossed much in the past, your gums may bleed a little when you start flossing regularly so don’t worry, this should pass within a few days or weeks of regular flossing. You may want to hold off on flossing until you get home from school so you don’t have sore gums while you’re out and about and consider it more of a private routine.

Eat healthy foods and drinks.

So difficult! Who doesnt have a sweet tooth? Try make sure you pack healthy foods and drinks and only go for healthy options if you have to pick something up on the go. Make sure you are not just dehydrated when you reach for a sugary snack and try to avoid sugary drinks. Avoid packing sugary foods that can eat away at your teeth all day until you get a chance to go home and brush them! Bring a refillable water bottle to school and you’ll always have a healthy beverage option 🙂

In all the excitement of getting back to school, don’t forget to follow these back to school dental tips and make an appointment with us at Bangor Dental Care for a cleaning or checkup if you haven’t been in for a while.