Dental Anxiety.

Dental Anxiety is real and for some people unfortunately it can prevent people going to the Dentist at all and can result in having issues with teeth and gums. Ultimately having to go to the Dentist for more serious treatment!

There are a few things you can do if you are nervous at the Dentist and at Bangor Dental Care, we are well known for not having our patients in stressful situations and our reviews are often about how people were nervous and felt relaxed.

Here are a few things you can do if you are nervous about going to the Dentists.

  1. Brush, floss and take care of your teeth and gums daily – this will keep visits to the Dentist less frequent.
  2. Be careful about what you eat and watch your diet for food and drink groups that can be harmful to your teeth.
  3. Tell your Dentist or a member of our team that you find going to the Dentist makes you nervous, we will do all we can to be aware of it.
  4. Adults can Opt for RA Sedation ( Relative Analgesia ) gas – RA is an inhalation sedation technique, which is administered by placing a small hood over the nose only. This delivers the Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), which the patient inhales in a normal breathing rhythm through their nose. Non harmful, patients often find this relaxing.
  5. Try to remember a stressful experience in the past is not necessarily going to be repeated. At Bangor Dental Care our staff and Dentistry tools are of the highest standard – that can make a great difference in your experience at the Dentist.

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