Dentist tips about Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants that great bright white smile, but teeth whitening isn’t for everyone and healthy gums and teeth first, always. Here’s what you need to know before you get gleaming with teeth whitening, all of which are positive!


You may need a Dental check up first


Before you can get that Hollywood smile (or Bangor smile – no pun there), it is important to have a check to ensure that your mouth is healthy, Dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease need to be addressed before bleaching. Talk to us and we will guide you through.

Slow and steady wins the race.


A teeth whitening treatment with custom made trays is the way to go, and to come back and keep this as a regular procedure. Naturally our teeth are prone to staining so a healthy diet and looking after your teeth can heighten the treatments.  Certain foods and drinks such as tea, coffee, wine, and even blended green juices can cause tooth discoloration. Cutting them out of your diet—or limiting them—will help your teeth stay white post-procedure. At the same time, certain foods such cauliflower, strawberries, seeds, and nuts may help whiten teeth and may speed up the whitening process. Consider those choices when eating out and looking for them on the menu.


Can anyone administer the treatment? 


Your teeth and gums are part of your body and your overall health. With any treatment considering your health you should always consult medical professionals. At Bangor Dental Care teeth whitening is part of our Cosmetic Dentistry treatments. All our team and Dentists are trained and registered. For more Dentist tips or information please visit our news page.

Like to try teeth whitening treatment? Read more here or talk to our Bangor Dental Care team today.