Can the health of my mouth affect my general health?

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In a short answer, yes it can.  There are new findings and constant research with supporting data that dental professionals have suspected for a long time: infections in the mouth can be linked with problems in other parts of the body.

What problems then could my dental health cause?

Problems which may be caused or made worse by poor dental health and what we are looking at here include:

  • Heart disease.
  • Strokes.

Quite how these links work is the subject of much research.

However, recent large-scale studies have shown that the medical costs for patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease or strokes, can be significantly less if their gum disease is treated thoroughly. This is just another reason to make sure you always look after the health of your teeth and gums at home and visit  Bangor Dental Care team regularly.

How can the health of my mouth affect my heart, what is the connection?

People with gum disease are almost twice as likely to have coronary artery (heart) disease than people without gum disease, unfortunately it is that way. When people have  gum disease, it is thought that bacteria from the mouth can get into their bloodstream. The bacteria produce protein. This can then affect the heart by causing the platelets in the blood to stick together in the blood vessels of the heart. This can make clots more likely to form. Blood clots can reduce normal blood flow, so that the heart does not get all the nutrients and oxygen it needs.

If the blood flow is badly affected this could lead to a heart attack.

What is the link between gum disease and strokes?

Several studies have looked at the connection between mouth infections and strokes. They have found that people who have had a stroke are more likely to have gum disease than people who have not had one.

What Should I do? 

Register or make an appointment to come in for a general check up. Our Team look for signs of Gum Disease and will help you on the path to have healthy gums and teeth. These are the best preventions to maintain both your oral health and your overall body health the same and keep you in good shape. Think of the Dentist visits as another part of your healthy routine.