Will the glorious Summer we are about to have in Northern Ireland affect my teeth? 

Summer teeth, will the weather change my teeth? What a strange question, but it’s true – some of our habits in Summer end up affecting our ability to keep our teeth and gums healthy!

You protect your skin from the sun, but what about your teeth? It isn’t that your teeth will get sunburn or you can bleach them in the sun but there are some elements that will affect them.

The swimming pool

We all love being in the water in the Summer. It is important to brush your teeth after swimming in a chlorinated pool. Some swimming pools have extra high chlorine levels that can weaken your teeth, when a pool has too much chlorine we can feel it on our skin and hair, imagine your poor teeth and gums!

Stay hydrated

We don’t think too much about saliva and that’s probably okay, but it’s an important defense against decay and bad breath. Staying hydrated helps to prevent teeth decay and protects your gums and water preferably, particularly for the wee ones – avoid sugary drinks.

Can you sunburn your teeth or bleach them?

The short answer is no, no way, not a chance.  Your lips on the other hand can sunburn. In fact, your lips might be the most susceptible to sunburn. It’s important not to rely on regular sunscreen to protect your lips, choose a lip balm with a minimum of SPF 15. It is designed for your lips, and it will stick better. And just like with sunscreen, remember to reapply it every couple hours. To make your teeth whiter you can always consider our teeth whitening treatment services.


There are lots of reasons to smile all summer long. Evidence suggests that smiling reduces stress and helps your heart. So show those teeth, selfie pics on holiday – big and wide! Brush twice a day, floss daily and smile big. You’ll feel better when you do.

From all of us here at Bangor Dental Care, we hope you have a great Summer!!