Bangor Dental Care are currently registering new NHS patients at the practice!

The Health Service provides dental care and treatment necessary to secure, and maintain, the health of your mouth and teeth.

For NHS treatment the patient is required to pay 80% of the gross cost of the treatments up to a maximum of £384. Depending on your circumstances, you may have to pay for dental treatment.

Under 18s

18 years old & in Full time Education

Maternity Exemption

If you are pregnant or you have had a baby in the previous 12 months.

Tax Credit & Working Tax Credit (with a disability element and a valid exemption certificate)

If you or your partner hold a current Tax Credit NHS exemption certificate for Child Tax Credit Or Working Tax Credit with a disability element, or if you receive Working tax Credit and Child Tax Credit together with a valid exemption certificate you do not have to pay for your NHS dental treatment.

Please note if you receive Working Tax Credits Only you would not be entitled to free dental treatment on the Health Service.

Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

If you or your partner are in receipt of Pension Credit Guarantee Credit.

Income Support or Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance

If you or your partner are in receipt of Income Support, or income-based Job Seekers Allowance.

NHS Low Income Scheme (HC2)

If you are registered for Health Service treatment and you or your partner hold a current HS Charges Certificate you may be exempt from paying all or part of your HS Dental treatment costs. You can apply for a HS Charges Certificate by completing a Form HC1 available from your Doctor, Dentist, Optician or Social Security Office.

You should send it in to your local Social Security Office on completion where your entitlement will be assessed. Further advice and explanation is on the HC1 Form.

Employment & Support Allowance

  • Income related you would be entitled not to pay for HS dental treatment.
  • Contribution based you would not be entitled to free HS dental treatment.

Please note if you are attending the Practice for the first time it is important to bring proof of any of the above exemptions with you. You also would be required to bring it at each new course of treatment.

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